Police Cite 11 Drivers for Not Yielding to Pedestrians

ACPD #StreetSmart campaign is underway at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and 4th St N. Slow down and yield to pedestrians in crosswalk. pic.twitter.com/fTuKNi62dI

— ArlingtonCountyPD (@ArlingtonVaPD) November 14, 2017

Arlington County Police cited 11 drivers in two places earlier this week for failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Department spokeswoman Ashley Savage said the tickets were issued from two locations: the intersections of Washington Blvd and 4th Street N. in Lyon Park; and Columbia Pike and S. Oakland Street in Alcova Heights.

Police said the program is part of its 2017 Street Smart Pedestrian, Driver, and Bicyclist Safety Campaign from November 6 through December 3.

The program aims to change road users’ behavior while reducing the number of crashes and injuries. Officers ticketed motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians who violated traffic laws.

Officers will conduct another high-visibility enforcement effort on November 30.

Ensuring the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and maintaining the safe flow of traffic is the primary mission of our Special Operations Section. Help us by being #StreetSmart. Tips: https://t.co/LKVAW4x01X pic.twitter.com/kRIwqx1Jeg

— ArlingtonCountyPD (@ArlingtonVaPD) November 14, 2017

Drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk are cited during today’s #StreetSmart campaign. Obey the speed limit, put your phone down and drive with care and caution. pic.twitter.com/XFmez1A5XE

— ArlingtonCountyPD (@ArlingtonVaPD) November 14, 2017

Drivers given a safe stopping distance of 170 feet. Our pedestrian always waits for a safe break and never enters the crosswalk in disregard of approaching traffic. #StreetSmart pic.twitter.com/pAz1KhwkRM

— ArlingtonCountyPD (@ArlingtonVaPD) November 14, 2017

#StreetSmart High-Visibility Traffic Enforcement Campaign moves to Columbia Pike at S. Oakland. Officers are measuring the safe stopping distance. pic.twitter.com/K24gsQwxr3

— ArlingtonCountyPD (@ArlingtonVaPD) November 14, 2017



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